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Investment Management: A focus on real returns with your real money

Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors believes that wealth is created by adhering to a strategic financial plan over time. A critical element of that plan is the intelligent structuring and disciplined ongoing management of an investment portfolio. Our investment management process is designed to deliver financial asset growth while reducing the risk of major loss. We manage client portfolios to harness the wealth-creating power of markets over time and to deliver attractive investment returns as inexpensively and tax efficiently as possible, all consistent with your capacity and preference for risk.

Investment Policy is Key: A measured approach to risk

For many of our clients, investment risk is not a necessity, but a preference. Our role is to provide confidence and clarity through education and the development of a clearly articulated investment policy. This allows you to be informed, deliberate, and intentional when leveraging the relationship between risk and return.

Regardless of whether risk is a preference or a requirement, client portfolios are often designed to meet long-term investment objectives. When this is the case, Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors favors significant growth-oriented weightings. History and the logic of capital market behavior support this approach as most suitable for the funding of long-range financial objectives.

Appropriate Diversification

Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors strives to achieve broad diversification across and within major asset classes in order to reduce the volatility inherent in an investment portfolio. Our portfolios are allocated among stability-oriented Fixed Income and more growth-oriented Equity and Alternative asset classes (the latter providing exposure to real estate, natural resources, commodities, flexible asset allocation and other alternative investment strategies). In addition, each major asset class is itself diversified in order to further reduce systematic risks.

Long-Term Discipline

We believe that no one can consistently make accurate short-term forecasts of the market's direction. An ill-timed decision can more than undo the advantages of remaining committed to growth-oriented investments over the long term. We coach our clients to accept and tolerate sometimes challenging short-term volatility in order to reap the performance advantages inherent in the long-term, disciplined approach that we favor.

Sensitivity to Taxes and Expenses

Taxes are inescapable for our clients and are a significant consideration for many of them. Our advisors are experienced in mitigating negative tax consequences through effective portfolio management. We exercise care in the appropriate placement of investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts and continually monitor and review portfolios for tax-saving opportunities.

As expenses reduce investment returns for every client and since Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors has no proprietary financial interest in any strategy or investment product, we select the most appropriate investments for your portfolio – including institutional vehicles that offer among the lowest embedded expense structures.

Open Architecture

We implement portfolios for each client using best-of-breed opportunities, regardless of their source. We normally implement client portfolios with institutional class mutual funds or exchange traded funds (ETFs). We might also use outside separate account managers or investment funds not normally available to individual investors who implement strategies using individual security selection (typically in the fixed income area).

The Investment Decision Framework