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Privacy Policy

Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors Privacy Notice

Johnson Lyman, Inc. (“Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors”), like other professional service firms that advise on personal financial matters, is required by federal law to inform its clients of its policies regarding the privacy of client information. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and security of our client’s personal and private information. Please take a moment to review the policies and procedures we use to safeguard your nonpublic personal information.


Pursuant to applicable federal and/or state privacy regulations Johnson Lyman Wealth Advisors (referred to as “JOHNSON LYMAN”) is a financial institution that has determined to keep confidential nonpublic personal information about each JOHNSON LYMAN client.

Nonpublic personal information is defined to mean personally identifiable financial information that is provided by a consumer to a financial institution, results from any transaction with the consumer or any service performed for the consumer, or is otherwise obtained by the financial institution.

Personally identifiable financial information means any information: (1) a consumer provides to a financial institution to obtain a financial product or service; (2) about a consumer resulting from any transaction involving a financial product or service between a financial institution and a consumer; or (3) a financial institution otherwise obtains about a consumer in connection with providing a financial product or service to that consumer.

Attached hereto and made a part hereof is a copy of JOHNSON LYMAN’s Privacy Notice that is to be distributed by JOHNSON LYMAN: (1) initially: (a) to each existing JOHNSON LYMAN client; and (b) to each new client prior to or at the time of establishing a “customer relationship” with JOHNSON LYMAN; and (2) annually thereafter for as long as the client maintains its relationship with JOHNSON LYMAN.

The purpose of JOHNSON LYMAN’s Privacy Notice, Privacy Policy as well as its underlying procedures is to protect the confidentiality and security of its clients’ nonpublic personal information. The categories of nonpublic personal information that JOHNSON LYMAN collects from a client depend upon the scope of the client engagement. It may include information about the client’s personal finances, information about the client’s health to the extent that it is needed for the planning process, information about transactions between the client and third parties, and information from consumer reporting agencies. JOHNSON LYMAN has instituted certain technical, administrative and physical safeguards through which JOHNSON LYMAN seeks to protect this nonpublic personal information about current and former clients from unauthorized use and access. First, technical procedures are used in order to limit the accessibility and exposure of client information contained in electronic form. Second, administrative procedures are used in order to control the number and type of employees, affiliated and nonaffiliated persons, to whom customer information is accessible. Third, physical safeguards have been established to prevent access to client information contained in hard-copy form. As illustrated above, JOHNSON LYMAN realizes the importance of information confidentiality and security, and emphasizes practices which are aimed at achieving those goals.

By executing this document in the space provided below, you acknowledge, understand, and accept: (1) your obligation to comply with JOHNSON LYMAN’s Privacy Policy as set forth on the attached Privacy Notice; (2) that your knowing or reckless violation of this Privacy Policy will result in discipline by JOHNSON LYMAN, including the potential termination of your employment; and (3) that if you have any question(s) regarding any aspect of the Privacy Policy, including exceptions thereto, you shall immediately address such question(s) with Robert A. Lyman, CFP®, Chief Compliance Officer, prior to taking any action that could result in the violation of the Privacy Policy. A complete copy of the applicable federal and/or state privacy regulations is available for your review upon request.